"In just three months IA helped us identify, position, name and develop packaging for multiple high value new product concepts in six new categories."“In just three months IA helped us identify, position, name and develop packaging for multiple high value new product concepts in six new categories.”

VP Sales

National Beverage Company


wipes“IA helped us develop five new product concepts, provided high shelf‐impact packaging and provided customized consumer validation – all on an extremely tight timeline and budget.”

VP Marketing

National Packaged Goods Manufacturer

Waldorf“When our company was faced with a sudden public relation crisis IA was there to develop a strategic messaging plan that not only minimized our immediate exposure but also proactively positioned the company for improved business results.”

VP of Sales

National Food Company

bemis cart“IA helped us gain critical customer insights into buyer perceptions, competitive set, purchase influencers and set the stage for our sales and marketing efforts.”

Director of Market and Business Development

National Plastics Manufacturer


Cold Beverages

“IA brought focus to our product line, helped re-brand our products, enhanced our marketing efforts and was helpful in establishing a new distribution and sales effort.”


Regional Food & Beverage Company

Stewardship“IA helped us harness the creativity of our multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team and focus our corporate responsibility efforts in order to more effectively leverage our internal and external investments.”

Director of Stewardship

International Consumer Durables Manufacturer


Snack“Unlike other consultants IA provided us one stop shopping. With services including everything from business strategy to sales optimization IA got us to market effectively, quickly, and efficiently.”


National Snack Company


“One of the few companies I know that is so confident of their work that they are willing to ‘put some skin in the game’ – I like that a lot”.


National Cheese Company

Snack Food“The IA Rapid Business Development process was impressive to say the least. The quality and amount of work we received in six months was exactly what we needed to stay competitive and improve both our short and long term business results.”


National Food Company.

Healthy Pet

“We engaged Innovation Applied to give us a second set of eyes on our branding, messaging and sales initiatives. We believe this was a good investment and that our company has improved in many ways as a result.”


National Pet Food Company

BakeryIA helped us re-energize our business. Through their expert eyes we took an objective view of our business, focused on our strengths and got back into the marketplace with a revitalized positioning, new product mix and a disciplined sales strategy.


National Bakery Company

“When we first met IA we had a tired brand, product and company – now everyone is excited about our business and the opportunities seem endless. We love working with IA and consider them an integral part of our business”.

Owner and GM,

National Food Company